Help make our tourney a success, volunteer!

Hey, could you help our club build our beach volleyball tournament into a successful annual event?  We could really use volunteers, in the following positions, you’ll get paid the same pay as the tourney directors and all the other volunteers get; knowing you are helping the sport of volleyball become more popular in our community and region!  Whether you can spare a few hours, or the whole weekend to help we’d be really thankful!

Some of the positions are listed below, email or mob 0407-417-252 and he’ll help get you started.

Tourney Directors:  Work with Brian and Joel to record results, announce next events, and keep the tournament running efficiently. 

Publicity Coordinator:  Prior to the tournament develop contacts at the Cairns Post and local Radio/TV stations for pre-tourney publicity.  Follow up with all media with updates and results for their stories.

Couchsurfing Director: Help find places to stay for visitors travelling on a budget.

Social Event Organizer: Set up a social event for Friday and Saturday nights of the tournament.

Set up Crew:  Help Joel and Brian set up the venue, lay out tables prep the courts, set up the tourney admin tent, music, etc.

Check in crew:  several persons to assist with checking in participants on days 1 and 3 of the tourney.

Drinks:  Someone with a large cooler to stock it with ice and drinks each day, and create a simple honour box to collect payment for the drinks.

Podium/Awards area:  Gather materials to make a uniquely tropical space where we can photography tourney participants, winners.  Some sort of background display that includes our sponsor logos would also be important.  Bring materials to the event and set up the area.

VIP Tent Coordinator:  Working with Brian and Joel, set up the VIP tent and assure that tourney sponsors and guests are treated well and have a great tourney experience. 

DJ/MC:  Persons to run the music and announce tournament games and events.

Fashions of the Field Director:  Develop a plan to publicize this event amongst tourney participants, take photos of entries, organize judges for the comp, and decide on winner.

Take Down Crew:  At the end of each day we need to remove all the marquees, tables and other items.

Graham and Debbie Telfer